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Bill & Fran Brooks

Lake Lure, NC


Support Our Troops
Link to West Point

Remember Our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and Around the World - Support the USO - Find out how you can help our Service Families here in the USA
Sheep Dreams by Fran Brooks
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Art by Fran Brooks
original oil/acrylic paintings
***** commissions accepted *****

prints available


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Fran Brooks is "ArtistNannie".  You can find her oil paintings of landscapes, seascapes, lighthouses, border collies, wolves, and more in her eBay Auctions and at


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We both support all of the selfless warriors protecting our freedoms under very stressful and dangerous conditions in foreign lands.  While we are very proud of our Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy and Marines, we especially applaud the values and training provided by West Point and the entire ARMY Team.

Fran and Bill Brooks

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